College Events

College events happen sporadically throughout the year. Some of the most popular events have been a college retreat to the Grand Canyon and a mission’s trip to Manti Utah. There’s also been themed parties such as a “put on the dog”, 80′s, and a Christmas white elephant potlucks.

Grand Canyon

This was a retreat where the group drove all the way to the Grand Canyon and back.

80′s Party

One of the themed parties the group put on was a birthday extravaganza with a setting in the ’80s. The second pic is of the two birthday people.

Christmas Parties

The first photo is of one of the annual white elephant Christmas party potluck, while the other photos are of a Christmas walk through Naples to enjoy the lights a week before the annual party.

Other events happen randomly throughout the year just by being connected and hanging out with everyone.

Movie Premiers

The group has done many movies. One of the more memorable one’s was the Avenger’s Premier. The picture on the left is the group getting there hours early and waiting for the movie to start. The one on the right is highlighting Tyler dressing up as Tony Stark, aka Ironman.

Christian Film Festival Volunteering

The first three pictures above are of the volunteer team at the Pan Pacific Film Festival. They are just red carpet silliness. The second three pictures are volunteers at the “Doonby” Premier.

Church Games

The picture on the left is just showcasing some of the games at the church that are available to the group. The picture on the right is the group playing a hide and seeks game called murder in the dark. They found Tyler and Chasen in the bathtub.

Hanging Out

The first photo is of the group hanging out and In-n-out. The next two are a small group of us camping at Joshua tree and the last two are some of us playing a board game called "would you rather?"

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