Special Events

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Family Camping

Five days of family fun. You can choose to tent, rent a trailer or a cabin if tenting is not your thing. The camping trip is usually scheduled in July in the great outdoors of the Sequoias or Big Sur. Enjoy great fellowship, recreation for young and old, hiking, campfires, and Bible devotions.

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This event is known for getting the whole church together with great memories bonding together as one family in Christ.

If heaven is above, here we were 9,000 feet closer to heaven, with our campers and pitched tents nestled in the East Fork of Rock Creek Canyon located in the eastern Sierras of California. Surrounded by God’s majestic mountain peaks, meandering streams lined with trees and boulders, and starry nights, how can you not feel His presence? Up here, we experienced a temporary hold on life’s day to day routines and replaced them with hikes in the high country, stream fishing, camp fires, and outdoor cooking. Oh yeah, relaxation, fellowship, worship, and horse shoes were also on the menu.

Memorial Day Picnic

Bring your family and friends to hang out with your church family at this annual barbeque in El Dorado Park. Attending this event promises that you will make this a tradition and want to come back next year. From volleyball and soccer, to relay races, contests, piñata, prizes, etc., you will be wishing it happened twice a year.

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Easter Sunrise

This service is held at the Lighthouse at Rainbow Harbor. With an acoustic setting of worship it really sets the mood for this special time of the year. Hope Chapel hosts this event along with other churches. Count on a great sermon with hot drinks and pastries.

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Christmas Party

Guaranteed to surprise you at how much talent is in our small community. This event is sometimes a talent show, sometimes a concert, sometimes a reading through the Christmas story, but it’s always a potluck and is held once a year during the Christmas season. Join us this year for our Christmas presentation.

Bible Study Marathon

This is an event that increases in popularity year to year. This annual event is held at the Pastor’s house on a Saturday from 9am to 9pm with lunch, dinner, and random fifteen minute breaks. Join us in going through an entire book of the Bible in just one day! Each event starts on the hour with fifteen-minute breaks so you can decide to come to one session or all of them. How Dave pulls off an eight-hour study on a Saturday then teaching again on Sunday is unbelievable. Give this man a vacation!

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Couples Pot Luck

For married couples to meet, eat and get marital edification through a teaching on marriage and a group share time.


These events happen periodically and are geared towards, women, men, college, youth group, or married couples.

Selah Events

Rest, Reflect, Replenish. These events happen throughout the year and include everything from game nights, movie nights, and feasts. The feasts are always a way to eat together while reading through part of scripture together. We’ve done things like Paul and Pizza, Pie and Proverbs, and The Feast of Purim.

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