Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Jonathan and Nina Pocoroba are both originally from Long Beach, CA, where they met and then married in 2005. Before entering YWAM, the couple ministered in Hope Chapel as the youth pastors as well as being involved in the college group, church led mission trips to Ghana and Utah, and other various church community activities. Jonny and Nina became full time YWAM missionaries in 2009 when they went to Kona for DTS, which stands for Discipleship Training School. For Jonny, this was his second DTS, as he had already completed one in Japan in 2004. After this, they continued in Kona staffing discipleship schools and leading outreach teams to China and Brazil. They led discipleship training schools while on staff at YWAM Los Angeles as well as served on the leadership team and other community support teams on the campus.

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The couple now has two children: Jackson and Vivien. In 2017 they started YWAM Long Beach. Jonny teaches on topics such as Listening to God and Spiritual Warfare. Jonny and Nina’s calling is to impact and train young people to seek after God and to be missionaries wherever God is leading them. They enjoy serving with their family and consider even their kids to be an important part of their calling. In the near future, they dream of building ministry in the city of Los Angeles. They are still praying into it as God gives them more vision for the project. Jonny and Nina love spending time with their family and friends.

Max Crane has been serving with Youth with a mission (YWAM) since 2016. He was born and raised in Long Beach and he had attended Hope chapel until he began his affiliation with YWAM. His Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) was the first that YWAM Long Beach ran. After that he went on to take a secondary school called School of Ministry Development (SOMD) and is now on staff at YWAM Los Angeles. He has since led a DTS to Kenya and the Philippines. He is now on the communications team there.

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Aaron Pearce heard a specific calling from God about the olympics in Japan in 2020. This led him to consider missions and eventually to follow in two of his brothers footsteps and join a DTS with YWAM Kona. His outreach was to Paris, France, where his gift of evangelism was drawn out of him and his love for God grew exponentially. He is currently teaming up with YWAM Long Beach to minister to YWAM Tokyo and attempting to learn Japanese to help him better communicate to the country which God called him.