Statement of Purpose

Ministry to Saints

  1. To instruct believers in the truths of God’s Word
  2. To establish and ground the younger believers in the Word of God
  3. To guide the saints in discovering their gifts and equip them for God’s service
  4. To provide and fulfill the fellowship needs of each believer, both socially and spiritually
  5. To administer the sacraments, baptism and communion
  6. To develop Christian disciples who once fully matured can then disciple others
  7. To pray together for each other’s needs and to share in one another’s burdens

To Glorify God

  1. To lead a holy and sin-free life
  2. To bear fruit in doctrine and in practical change; the fruits of the Spirit
  3. To please God by loving each other
  4. To praise and worship God at church and at home
  5. To enforce church discipline, reproof, correction, excommunication

Evangelism and the Extension of God’s Kingdom

  1. To reach out to the local members of the community
  2. To distribute literature on the streets and in the neighborhood
  3. To train people who are gifted evangelists to preach and witness for Christ on the street
  4. To teach and encourage all believers to consider their place of employment as a ministry
  5. To extend to the church’s training and witnessing program to other churches in the community
  6. To lead people in all walks of life to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that they might escape from the wrath of God a become heirs of eternal life and to establish them in the faith so they will not be drawn away

Pulling down Satanic Strongholds:  To wage a spiritual war against evil in all its forms

  1. Missions – To fight against religious persecution wherever it may occur in the world
  2. To be informed of current national events so that the members of the local body may act according to true and correct information
  3. To pray for our leaders in our government and all who are in authority

Preservation of Church’s Ministry for Future Posterity